Results Mathematics Olympiad

This year, 32 students challenged their brains over 12 questions during the Mathematical Olympiad for two hours, and with visible pleasure. All pupils receive the same questions in the olympiad. Whether you are in the brugklas or 6 VWO, the challenge is identical. It was fantastic that this year an MP3 student participated. Hopefully they enjoyed it and next year we can expect more students to register.

The number of students who have reached the semi-finals this year has never been so high! No less than nine students are through. 1016 pupils are admitted in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the final on Friday, March 16 is exactly in our travel week. In previous years we have allowed students to make the second round during their trip under the supervision of a teacher. Fingers crossed!

Niklas Burggraaff from DP1 was our highest scorer this year with 26 points, closely followed by 25 points from Beerend Honkoop (DP1) and Floris van Veen (DP1) with 24 points. Matthew Curtis from MP3 the youngest contestant with 15 points. The other semi-final candidates are: Mary Curtis (MP5) 18 points, Cesar Gesta van Houten (vwo4) 18 points, Floris Haverman (vwo5) 20 points, Lael Licht (MP4) 17 points, Matthijs Hoek (vwo4) 20 points.

Congratulations Let´s hope we have a student in the final this time.


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