GNE – Nuffic English public speaking & writing competition

On Friday 9th February, the school rounds were held at RLO for the GNE public speaking competition. In the English lessons, the most outstanding speech writers and performers from DP1 and (T)5VWO had been chosen, and, on Friday, the best eleven speakers competed for the six places available in the regional rounds.

The GNE speech competition allows students between the ages of 16 and 20 from secondary schools or further and higher education to compete for a place at the finals of the International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) hosted by the English Speaking Union (ESU) in London. Through a number of regional rounds sixteen candidates will be selected to go on to the half-finals and eight for the finals which will both be held on 18th April at Deltion College in Zwolle.

On 6th March, one of the regional rounds will be held at the RLO. From 13:30 onwards our six finalists will be battling against 15 students from schools and colleges in our region for the four available places in the semi-finals.

The eleven candidates were: Sanne Backer (T5), Niklas Burggraaff (DP1), Flien Groeneveld (T5), Dolf Hendriksen (DP1), Wessel van der Linde (T5), Ruben de Roode (T5), Carlijn Sebregts (DP1), Juliette Veth (T5), Tijmen de Vries (T5), Pratik Wickramasinghe (DP1) and Katherine Williams (DP1).

The winners who will represent RLO in the regionals are: Niklas, Dolf, Wessel, Carlijn, Juliette and Tijmen

Additionally, six candidates have been selected to compete in the writing competition. These candidates wrote persuasive opinion pieces on the same six topics as the public speakers:

  1. The power of love.
  2. If time-traveling were possible, this is what I’d do.
  3. With great power comes great responsibility.
  4. Snap out of it! Social media: blessing or curse?
  5. “I’ve got nothing to hide”- The issue of privacy in relation to terrorism.
  6. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

The winners for the writing competition are: Elena Martellucci (DP1), Sanjay Dharmavasan (T5), Isabel Godwaldt (T5), Simon Molenkamp (T5), Anna Kallos (DP1) and Tom van Wijnen (T5).

A quote from our jury member, Ms Chowdhury sums up the qualities of our students, “The speeches were insightful, delightful, creative and humorous, abilities that young people are extremely capable of and are only too keen to demonstrate when given an opportunity.”

Our Jury: Ms Spierings, Ms Chowdhury and Mr Ducaat



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