Admissions Procedure


Our admissions office operates in close consultation with the head of school, team leaders, careers counsellor and school administrator creating an 'admissions team', this group reviews all students application. 

All of our applications should now be made online through the hyperlink below. By completing an application, scheduling a tour or registering an interest you will receive correspondence from us and we will help you throughout the process.  Or directly through the school addres:

Applications for 2019-20 - beginning 2 September 2019

Latest update on 4 June 2019

Our re-registration programme for school year 2019-2020 is complete; we see that a high number of students remain at school for next year.   The consequences are that we have very limited places for new students.   If you have already received an acceptance letter, these places are guaranteed.     

For all new applications or registration of interest, we suggest that you first contact us before undergoing the timely process of completing an application to receive the most up-to-date information on the waiting list.

Waiting lists:  We will wait list only 5 students per class; families on a waiting list will be informed, regularly updated and advised when a place becomes available.

For academic year 2020-21: We are accepting applications but will not review them until September 2019, now is the time to ensure that everything for your future application is complete and ready!

Diploma Programme -  Subject clashes - 2019-20 - these are updated annually depending on the number of students applying for specific courses, teacher availability and timetabling:

  • Category 1   -  Visual Arts HL/SL clashes with Chemistry HL/SL
  • Category 2  -   Physics HL clashes with Biology HL, and/or ESS SL      
  • Category 3  -   Geography HL/SL clashes with Economics HL/SL    
  • Category 4  -   Business Management HL clashes with History HL/SL and/or Math A & A HL  
  • Category 5  -   Economics HL clashes with Business Management HL  
  • Category 6  -   Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) SL clashes with Geography SL     
  • Category 7  -   French B HL/SL, Spanish B HL/SL clashes with Physics SL



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